Is my apartment rent stabilized?

A general rule of thumb is if your rent is below a certain threshold, currently $2,774.76/month, then your apartment is rent stabilized. Many apartments are above this threshold and are still rent stabilized for a number of reasons including the landlord taking part in 421a and J-51 tax exemption programs.

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Legal Rent vs. Preferential

Preferential rent is any rent charged to a rent stabilized tenant that is lower than the legal rent. Uh? The law sets the amount of rent that a rent stabilized tennant can be charged but a landlord can set the rent at a lower rate.


Individual Apartment Improvements

When a landlord makes improvements to an apartment they can pass on a portion of the cost to the tenant. The increases are 1/40 or 1/60 of the cost, depending upon the size of the building. Many landlords attempt to game the system by inflating the cost of the rennovations.

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