Landlords like to keep rental history a secret

We Want To Make It Open

Landlords routinely remove apartments from rent regulation without any oversight.
We want to publicize rents in order to keep landlords honest.

1 - Get your rental history

Request your apartment rental history from DHCR.

2 - Share your history

Upload your rental history.

The Department of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) is supposed to keep track of when rents are raised, if landlords remove apartments from rent regulation and make sure that tenants aren't getting screwed.

They don't. Instead they let landlords police themselves. I can't even get my super to fix a leaky faucet. What are the odds that his boss is following rent regulations?

Landlords remove apartments from rent regulation and without any public insight into their behavior they get away with it.

Share your rent history. Force landlords to be honest.

The Problem

Landlords have been removing apartments from rent regulation because they are in charge of policing themselves.

Our Goal

We want to collect data on every rental in the city to expose unfair removal of apartments from rent regulation.

How do apartments get removed from rent regulation?

When the rent increases above the current threshold of $2,775 an apartment is no longer rent regulated*. This can happen normally over the course of time through:

  • > approved rent increases, currently under 2%/year
  • > rent can increase 20% when a tenant moves out and new one moves in
  • > landlords can pass on either 1/40th or 1/60th (depends on number of units in the buiding) the cost of Individual Apartment Improvements (IAI's). This is a favorite of landlords and is often used to pad rent increases.
  • > Landlords "mistakenly" remove an apartment. Oops.

* many apartments can have rents above the threshold and still be regulated because the landlord is receiving certain tax benefits.

It's estimated that 167,000 units have been deregulated since 1993 due to rent increases prompted by IAIs.